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We believe an area that deserves more aerospace attention is biofuels.  Airlines need these fuels because they can reduce fossil fuel price volatility. Biofuels can be sourced in many places in the world. Places subject to much less political unrest than where oil comes from.  A growing biofuel supply is necessary not so much for the positive Eco-impact as for jet-fuel price stability.  Continue reading

Its too bad that there are no online archives going back to the dawn of the widebody era in 1969.  There is a useful historical perspective on the 747’s development here. Parallels with the news on the A380 are amazing. Continue reading

The framework agreement from a year ago has made huge progress. Yesterday’s announcement is remarkable. Never before have two aircraft companies decided to combine their interests quite like this. It is more than ground breaking. For an airline looking at new technologies the combined offering could be very interesting. COMAC has some catching up to do, but with Bombardier’s help that process will likely accelerate. For Bombardier this friendship is pregnant with potential – China is a huge market. Bombardier has been doing business in China a long time and understands the unique challenges that brings to the table. Having COMAC as an ally is only good news for the Canadians.

Talking about the new arrangement being put in place between the companies is Bombardier’s Ben Boehm. Play

The industry rumor mill has been rumbling about this for months. Today it is official. Further to the framework agreement signed on March 24, 2011, Jin Zhuanglong,  Chairman, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC) and Pierre Beaudoin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc. today signed a definitive agreement covering program commonalities between the C919 and CSeries. More specifically, the two aircraft manufacturers agreed to cooperate on four distinctive projects to be executed as part of the first phase of COMAC and Bombardier’s long-term collaboration on the C919 aircraft and the CSeries families of commercial airliners. Continue reading