reported that Delta Lines’ first -100 was introduced this week after rolling out of the painting hangar at the A220 final assembly line in Mirabel, Québec. Delta will be the first U.S. to take delivery of the A220, featuring a “state-of-the-art interior and delivering best-in-class fuel performance”.

Now that the aircraft is decked out in Delta’s livery, it will move to pre-flight activities in the A220 flight line hangar in Mirabel before taking off for its first flight later this fall.  Delta’s first A220 is scheduled to begin service in early 2019.

Sharp-eyed observers will note that on top of the fuselage, just ahead of the fin, there is a radome.   This is the first A220 to have WiFi installed on the production line.  All the Delta A220s will come with WiFi installed at Mirabel.  This saves the airline about a week out of service for such an installation.  Apparently, the line installation does not disrupt any other work and has proven to be highly efficient in terms of saving time.

You are looking at, arguably, one of the most disruptive aircraft Delta has in its arsenal.  The arrival of this aircraft in their fleet is likely to spur rivals and United to move on their own 100-seat decisions.  Which is great news for Airbus and .

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