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A tweet from a start-up airline caused some stir on social media on May 29: UK’s Global Airlines has acquired its first second-hand Airbus A380 from lessor Doric Aviation. It plans to launch Transatlantic services in 2024 with a fleet of four A380s, with the intention to grow the fleet even more. If it succeeds, Global Airlines would be the first airline to create a sustained business model for secondhand A380s. However, many question marks remain. Global Airlines has bold plans with Doric’s Airbus A380s.

Global Airlines is not to be confused with Global Crossing Airlines, Global Aviation, Atlas Global, or other airlines that have ‘Global’ in their name. The UK start-up was founded in 2021 by entrepreneur James Asquith, founder of ‘Holiday Swap’ and proud to have visited 196 countries at the age of 24.


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