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February 26, 2024
G700 from Gulfstream
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Gulfstream, as expected, launched its new G700 model just before the start of NBAA 2019.  The launch of the largest purpose-built business jet is aimed at eclipsing the Bombardier Global 7500, which leapfrogged the Gulfstream G650ER.  The game of who has the longest range, highest speeds, and largest cabin continues.

The G700 is Gulfstream‘s largest business jet, and offers a range of 7,500 nm at M0.85. It has the same cabin cross section (6.3-ft.-high x 8.2-ft.-wide) as the G650ER but has a ten foot stretch to 56.9 ft. to match the Global with a four living area cabin.

The aircraft is powered by two Rolls Royce Pearl engines will provide 18,500 pounds of thrust while offering a 3-5% better fuel burn than the BR700 series on the G650ER. Industry observers expect the initial range estimate to increase, just as it has with the Global 5500 that is also powered by the Rolls Royce Pearl, once flight testing begins.  The current G700 advertised range is 200 nm shorter than the competing Global 7500 from Bombardier.

Gulfstream indicates that the G700 will have a lower cabin altitude and reduced sound levels, with interior noise of 47.6 dB at Mach 0.85.  At FL510, the cabin altitude will be 4,850 ft, a lower altitude than Denver.

The cabin mock-up on display at NBAA indicates that the crew rest area can be optionally reconfigured into a fifth living space for operators that primarily operate shorter-range missions.  The master suite has an optional en-suite bath and shower, and is shown below.

Gulfstream has just leapfrogged the market, but the question is for how long. Dassault has announced that it will reveal its next aircraft in 2020, and Bombardier is working on an answer, so we know the game of leapfrog will continue.  

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