Cathay Pacific and United Airlines will begin testing a digital health pass for travelers to certify and document their COVID-19 status while keeping health data private. The system, called Common Pass, is being developed and backed by the Commons Project Foundation, with initial funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, and the World Economic Forum, the latter being the group of global leaders that gather each year in Davos.

The system fills a void to provide a universal framework for safer international travel by documenting the COVID-19 status in a universal way. Today, results are primarily on paper, photos or screen shots, or a variety of systems in various languages around the world. Common Pass will provide a standard format for both entry requirements and certification that those requirements are met.

Countries will be able to post their entry requirements in a common framework, making it easier for travelers to understand their requirements. Common pass will interpret those requirements, check it against testing or medical data, and provide a green or red answer as to whether those requirements are met, as well as providing the data to customs and immigration authorities around the world in a uniform format.

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