The FAA has called for pilots from around the world to test the revised software for the 737 MAX.  At the same time, Boeing is hiring additional temporary workers to help prepare 737 MAX aircraft that are grounded to return to service, and Boeing is preparing its documentation and software to the FAA for re-certification of the aircraft, which has been grounded since March.  The FAA is looking for both experienced and novice 737MAX pilots for its simulator testing to evaluate how pilots react to the new software.

Current speculation is that Boeing will submit its final revisions for the 737 MAX in early October, and that the FAA will complete its required testing and evaluation of documentation within a few weeks.  That would place a likely return to service with airlines, who will need to bring their aircraft back into flying condition and train flight crews, will likely be in early 2020.

With a report from the Joint Authorities Technical Review panel due this week, we can expect recommendations to change the certification process to prevent future MCAS-like elements from falling through the cracks.  It is expected that this group of international regulators will also recommend changes to the Organizational Designation Authorization program, which has been commonly viewed as “too cosy” with Boeing.

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