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June 19, 2024
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Over the holiday period, Bombardier agreed to sell its wire and harness business in Querétaro, Mexico to French aerospace supplier Latécoère for $50 million.  The companies also agreed on a long-term supply agreement under which Latécoère will supply electrical wiring systems for all Bombardier Aviation platforms from the Querétaro facility.

Bombardier will continue the remaining operations in Querétaro complex, which will continue to produce the after fuselage for the Global family and other major structures.

The Boeing announcement that it is temporarily suspending production of the 737 MAX has resulted in uncertainty and confusion throughout the industry, as the lack of transparency that is the Boeing modus operandi has once again raised its ugly head.  The employees at its Renton plant first heard of the shutdown from the news media rather than the company itself, which reflects the arrogance of Boeing’s management team, and the supply chain is still awaiting word on what actions Boeing is going to take and when.  So much for partnering for success – as real partners talk to each other and know what’s going on.  In this case,  Boeing’s silence speaks volumes.

Meanwhile, an Irish-based aircraft lessor is now suing Boeing for damages, and the head of JetBlue spoke about the Boeing backlash in his forward look at 2020.  The news continues to get worse, with the typical Boeing arrogance when it comes to their employees, suppliers, and the media – dead silence or press-releases that obfuscate more than inform.

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Ernest Arvai
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