Yesterday. Boeing announced that it has changed its position on simulator training and is now recommending that it be introduced for the 737MAX.   Upon reading the Boeing statement, I broke out in laughter, contemplating how stupid this sounded coming from a company that had guaranteed no simulator training would be required at a penalty of $1 million per aircraft in its contract with Southwest Airlines.

Let’s be real — there is no way Boeing would independently make this recommendation.  This was clearly ordered by the FAA and international regulators for Boeing to move forward with the MAX return to service. It seems to be impossible for Boeing to admit a failure and later correct it.  At Boeing is it impossible to state that they made a poor decision so we’re correcting our position?  This is a company with an ego so large, and apparently so afraid of legal consequences, that it cannot admit when it makes an error and turns 180 degrees in its public statements as if nothing has happened, or that we don’t remember yesterday. It insults our intelligence.

A little more transparency would be helpful.  A simple statement suggesting that while Boeing believes the existing training is adequate, to provide an increased margin of safety, we’ve agreed with the FAA and international regulators suggestions to introduce simulator training for the MAX.  Satisfies the lawyers in the first clause and provides transparency as to why the change of opinion.  One simple required – yet Boeing can’t seem to get out of its own way.  The company needs a CEO who will stop the BS and speak plainly.

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