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June 16, 2024
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8 thoughts on “Iran’s Boeing shopping list

  1. To be honest, I’m not sure if Iran will make much more than a token buy off Boeing – which means 737s as Airbus probably cannot supply A320s soon enough.

    The risk of sanctions and resulting lack of spares is probably still too high for a big committment.

  2. Aviation Doctor - Helping aviation companies to transform the present into a more profitable tomorrow says:

    With sanctions pretty much over, Iran will buy a minimum or no Boeing’s. Reminds me of South Africa after Nelson Mandela became President, he made sure that South Africa did not buy Boeing for South African Airways, just Airbus and military wise bought Saab Grippen fighters and Eurocopter helicopters.
    He never forgave the US for being on the side of the apartheid regime, and labelling him a Marxist terrorist, only later to honor him with many degrees and honors.
    One can forgive but not forget.

  3. I doubt they will take delivery of much the Airbus shopping list. Too many other middle east carriers with wide reach and huge fleets. Would like to see a few 747-8’s as they can be delivered quite fast.

  4. If Iran has learnt its lesson on the USA, they will wait till after the elections if anything. Should obstructionist republican bigots win the race for POTUS, the likelihood of renewed sanctions is high. Iran knows this and will be well advised to keep their head low.

  5. They’ll buy just enough Boeings to become proficient, new or used. Who knows what the future holds. They may buy more new C-Series than new Boeings. maybe a couple of 747-8s too.(they have the fuel) Airbus will get most of their biz.

  6. Maybe they will change their name to “Republicans of Iran” and “Shahp” more Boeings?. Maybe they could call their first one “Obama’s pride of Iran” and would “Kerry” nothing! I doubt they’d code share with El Al if they’re trying to blow em off the map either!

  7. I think Iran will make it a point of policy to buy from just about everyone…Airbus, Boeing, Emb, BBD and ATR. Every single one of their planes needs to be replaced and I don’t think they are naive enough to put all of their eggs in a single basket.

    Iran is going to buy about as many Boeing’s as it did Airbuses. While the US was the leader in placing sanctions, it was EU sanctions which hurt Iran the most. Hollande also made the toughest demands on Iran during the nuke negotiations.

    The Airbus purchase was just for Iran Air. I believe the next one, from Boeing, will be for Mahan.

    Regardless, Iran knows that its best defense against sanctions is to buy a lot from everybody. That’s also their best defense against price gouging. For the US especially, if Iran isn’t doing business with them, then there is nothing preventing more sanctions.

    With Trump or Clinton likely the next US president, odds of more random sanctions are slim. Hillary agrees with Obama and Trump is all about money. Neither would kill a multi billion dollar deal with Boeing. Frankly, I don’t think even the scorched earth reactionaries in congress would kill a deal with Boeing. None of the most vocal anti Iran crowd put up a fuss when it was announced that Boeing would be allowed to sell to Iran.

  8. It has been said in the past that Iran will have to buy both Boeing and Airbus to have replacements fast enough. On the web there’s been talk about 737’s, so the 737 is almost certain, and the 777 classic will be readily available at very nice prices. 767, if available quickly might be another candidate. 787… huge backlog, I don’t know. 747-8 has almost stopped production. It’s possible, but I doubt it with the orders already made for the A380. They will, however, only be delivered from 2020 on if I’m correct. So there’s still a chance for the 747-8.

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