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May 27, 2024
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Pratt & Whitney and Irkut Corporation have signed a definitive agreement to offer the Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW1400G (GTF) engine on Irkut’s MC-21 aircraft family. This secures the GTF engine as the only western powerplant offered on the program.

Pratt & Whitney and Irkut Corporation selected Short Brothers plc, a subsidiary of Bombardier Aerospace, as the exclusive nacelle provider for the PW1400G engine family.

Irkut is developing the MC-21 as a family of 150 to 210-passenger aircraft with first flight of the PurePower® PW1400G engined aircraft planned for 2015 and entry into service in 2017. The MC-21 series will feature jetliners with 25,000-32,000 pounds of thrust.

The thrust requirements for the MC-21 are almost identical to that required by the Airbus neo equivalent sized aircraft. In conversations with P&W officials we understand the engines are going to nearly identical. The nacelle will be somewhat different.

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