Even as the pandemic wreaks havoc across the global commercial aviation sector, there are bright spots.  This is one of those.

KLM Cityhopper, KLM’s regional subsidiary, received their first Embraer -E2 at a ceremony today at Embraer’s facility in Brazil. This first E2 delivery to KLM, and lessor ICBC Aviation Leasing, brings the total number of Embraer jets in the KLM Cityhopper fleet to 50. 

Less noticed in the Embraer PR this morning is this item: “KLM recently exercised four options increasing the firm order from 21 to 25 jets, with the further four coming from Aircastle’s existing order-book.”  So KLM has already increased its E2 commitment.  This is a huge win for Embraer, given the industry’s condition.  An endorsement from a customer like KLM is a big boost to the E2 program.  Smaller airlines often follow the decisions made by major airlines.  For example, Kenya Airways (when its financial situation improves) might see the KLM E2 selection as the endorsement they need when they consider updating their own regional fleet.

Schipol’s neighbors will be delighted to know that the E2 delivers a noise footprint over 60% smaller with a 31% reduction in carbon emissions per seat over Cityhopper’s first-generation E190s. 

Not mentioned in the Embraer PR but worthy of note, here’s another airline switching from GE to P&W.  The E2 uses the GTF whereas the “E1” uses the GE CF-34.  Pratt & Whitney’s GTF continues to grow its footprint as is used by so many new programs, all (SpaceJet excepted) of which are in demand despite the pandemic.

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