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June 14, 2024
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CS300 in Korean Air liveryKorean Air announced an order for 10 Bombardier CS300 aircraft, with 10 options and an additional 10 purchase rights.  KAL will be Bombardier’s first CSeries customer in Asia, joining customers in North America and Europe and 2 additional unannounced customers.  With three orders at Paris and one just before the show, the CSeries appears to finally be gaining momentum after a 15 month hiatus in orders.

Walter Chu, SVP at Korean Air, gave us a few seconds before the media descended on him with interview requests.[youtube]QQ1No06CVEU[/youtube]

And this is how Bombardier’s Gary Scott prepared the audience (it was impressively big) – though moments before Dow Jones had broken the story and eagle eyes saw the team from Korean Air standing off to the back.  It is worth noting that after doing a number of interviews with Mr Scott, his tenor and tone remained consistent, even though this announcement was a big moment for Bombardier.  Which is to say that he continued his same demeanor we have seen all along – he and the Bombardier team are quietly confident.  The brickbats from Airbus and Boeing are having no effect.


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