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May 18, 2024
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The Learjet 75 Liberty, with a new cabin, will be showcased at NBAA in Las Vegas with a full-sized interior cabin mock-up at the event.

The Liberty model debuts the “Executive Suite” at the front of the cabin that features two forward facing seats with three feet of legroom and stowable ottomans. With folding worktables, this provides a work area for busy executives. The “Club Suite” which has four seats in club configuration, also has class leading legroom, large side tables, and storage space.

Peter Likoray, Sr. VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Bombardier business aircraft said “the mock-up will truly show light jet customers just how much more spacious and comfortable our newest Learjet is. The Learjet 75 Liberty offers a larger cabin and superior performance for the same price as competitors, and it is certified to a higher safety standard.”

The Learjet 75 Liberty, announced earlier this year, is expected to enter service in 2020. It is the fastest aircraft in the light jet segment, with a top speed of Mach 0.81, and has a range of 2,080 nautical miles. The Liberty also offers the latest Garmin 5000 avionics upgrades, and the advanced Bombardier Vision flight deck.

The Learjet 75 is certified to FAA Part 23 standards, which has more stringent standards than Part 25 under which competitors are certified. The differences include a higher threshold for bird strike tolerance, flight control redundancy, rotor burst protection, more conservative takeoff margins, and more stringent ice protection.

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