If you run a VVIP operation, and you are looking for an aircraft that can fly non-stop between almost any two points and is going for a bargain, take a look at this.  There are a limited number of very special and highly capable A340-500s available.

These relatively new and terrifically long legged aircraft are quite possibly the best options for VVIP and Head of State aircraft.  In commercial use, they can fly 9,000NM. In low weight VVIP use, that can be extended.   (Recently the A340-500 owned by The Sands Corp. – see below – flew from Tel Aviv to Honolulu non-stop) As a reference, the 777LR has a range of 8,555NM.  Pricing is likely to be really aggressive, leaving you lots of money to spend on a lavish interior.

The A340-500 is a niche aircraft and even though it is less useful to airlines than it once was, it has a great second life as a unique VVIP option. To see what other aircraft are in VVIP use by heads of state, check this list out.  Clearly those heads of state or other VVIP users of aircraft can retire their 747SPs and grab an A340-500 while supplies last.

Here’s the Kuwait Head of State A340-500.

Here’s the A340-500 owned by The Sands Corporation.

As we see, a number of states and VVIP operators have already seen the value proposition.  Remember, supply is limited.

So if you’re in the market (Mr. Jacob Zuma, for example) here’s where you can find them.


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