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LOT, the Polish national airline, is an early 787 customer and has experienced reliability difficulties, leasing in 767s as needed rather than canceling flights.  Earlier this week the airline was forced to delay some of its 787 flights after checks showed that two planes lacked fuel filters, items that apparently were never installed at the factory and were missed in delivery and initial maintenance inspections.  (With two filters on each engine, redundancy prevented any damage, fortunately.)Today, LOT CEO Sebastian Mikosz was quoted by a local newspaper as saying the if the two sides can’t agree on compensation by the end of 2013, LOT will take Boeing to court and seek legal remedies.  He went on to indicate “we are holding negotiations because Boeing is our very important partner, and we are ready to take any steps possible within the boundaries of the law to defend the interests of the company.”  The company indicated that it would add the costs of rental aircraft to its existing compensation claim, which is in excess of $32 million US, much of that claim resulting from the period in which the aircraft was grounded.

Nonetheless, there is ample evidence that LOT really likes the 787, judging by this promotion to US travel agents shown below, and there is hope that a settlement can be reached without legal action.

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