We have updated our models that use the T-2 source.  However, before we get there, we want to advise readers that those who are only interested in our models (those listed as “subscribers only”) can no access these via a subscription limited to only data visualizations.  Click here for that.

Now to the public model below.  Some guidance is helpful.

Page 1 – We show RPMs from 2010 through 1Q19.  Select Airbus or Boeing to see the model change. Mouse over any part of the chart to get to the detail.
Page 2 – Airlines tweak seating more often than is generally realized.  Select an airline to see how they have tweaked the average seating by model.
Page 3 – Here we show Revenue Miles/Flight. Select OEM and airline to see what changes.  It is interesting to see how important range is to airlines, i.e. the “need” for Transcon range. But, on average, the fleet typically flies legs well below 2,000 miles.
Page 4 – here we show Load Factor over the period.  Select from OEM, Model or Airline.  Although load factors are over 80%, they seem to be softening.

Click on the image to load the model.

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