Radio Canada, the francophone network of CBC, aired a documentary Sunday on the 737MAX that has brought up an additional potential problem with the jackscrew on the aircraft.  These revelations will likely further complicate the return to service for the aircraft, as an uncommanded movement of the jackscrew could result in a major safety issue.  If you understand French, the link is here.

Fundamentally, two engineers have analyzed the flight recorder data from ET302 that shows evidence that the stabilizer angle of pitch was increasing slowly even if there was no input on the trim motor from the pilots or MCAS.  As this slipping occurred at speed within the normal flight envelope, it would not meet FAA regulations.   

With respect to the 737NG, Korean authorities have grounded  13 of 100 737NG models that were inspected for pickle fork cracks.  With another 50 remaining to be inspected, the incidence rate among the Korean planes is higher than the 5% rate that has typically been experienced.  Of the grounded airplanes, five are from Korean Air, three from Jin Air, Korean’s budget arm, three from Jeju Air and two from Eastar Jet.

Neither of these two major news items is favorable to Boeing.

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