Commercial Aviation

  • Zunum runs out of cash – Source: SeattleTimes

  • Boeing set to lose biggest planemaker title as deliveries fall 37%- Source: Reuters

  • Airbus Poised to Overtake Boeing as Biggest Plane Maker – Source: MorningStar

  • AVIC looks to roll out first MA700 prototype in September – Source: ATW

Business Aviation


  • Nepal Airlines to hire “international managers” – Source: ch-Aviation
  • Air France opposed to the eco-tax proposal announced by the government – Source: AF
  • Delta’s A330neo Enters Service Early – Source: PointsGuy
  • Korean Air shrugs off pilot’s attempt to drink alcohol during flight- Source: KoreaTimes
  • IndiGo shares slump on ‘bitter tussle’ between founders? – Source: Reuters
  • How much will Cathay Pacific be fined by UK regulator? – Source: SCMP


  • Delta engine before emergency – Source: Twitter

  • Swiss F-18s lacked GPS, got lost – Source: Twitter

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