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February 20, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Russian researchers are conducting windtunnel tests on a new twin-engined aircraft concept – Source: FlightGlobal

  • The comeback of the Ekranoplan – Source: CNN

  • Rolls-Royce marks new engine record – Source: InsiderMedia

  • Canada’s pain Japan’s gain, as Mitsubishi buys CRJ jet – Source: Reuters

Business Aviation

  • Garmin announces turbine engine monitoring and analysis – Source: BusinessWire


  • Norwegian drops TATL routes from Shannon, Cork due to MAX – Source: ch-Aviation

  • Virgin Atlantic Plans to Use Flybe as Focus for More U.K. Deals – Source: Bloomberg

  • American Airlines Announces Schedule of Final MD-80 Revenue Flights – Source: AA

  • American Airlines Wants To Reduce Union Share Of Fleet and Mechanic Workers, Machinists Union Says – Source: Forbes


  • International passengers reportedly bypass customs at Newark Airport due to ‘mix-up’ – Source: FOX


  • Turkey will lose F-35 warplane if Russia arms deal goes ahead – Source: Reuters

  • Turkey develops domestic 5th-gen fighter – Source: DefenseNews

Social Media of the Day

  • Jet Engine Barbecue Grill Built by Delta Airlines – Source: LaughingSquid

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