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April 21, 2024
Summary of industry news in commercial aviation, business aviation, airlines, and social media
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Commercial Aviation

  • India confident in GTF – AvWeek

  • EASA on MAX – ATW

  • Air Canada doing MAX tests? – FR24

  • The MAX insurance claim  – Yahoo

  • SuperJet abandons SSJ75? – RusAvInsider

  • IATA worried about MAX regulator discrepancies – Reuters

Business Aviation


  • DOT asked to review Delta-Aeroméxico JV – ATW
  • Cathay loses chairman – SCMP
  • IATA concerned about “Flight Shaming” – Reuters
  • SmartLynx Malta gets US authority – ch-Aviation
  • Air Canada challenges ONEX – CBC


  • Spectacular go-round at St. Martin – Twitter

  • The amazing water bomber – Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • Airbus Plays Long Game To Bring Urban Air Mobility Market to Fruition – AINonline
  • Bell’s New, Self-Flying Cargo Drone Hauls a Heavy Load – Wired
  • As Hurricane Dorian Bears Down on Miami, Meet Some of the Flyers Who Will Be There First – DroneLife
  • Flying Cars and UAM – JetWhine

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