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April 21, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • With close industry ties, FAA safety chief pushed more delegation of oversight to Boeing – Source: SeattleTimes
  • Stratolaunch flies – Source: Twitter
  • U.S. pilots flying 737 MAX weren’t told about new automatic systems change linked to Lion Air crash – Source: SeattleTimes

Business Aviation

  • HK Bellawings Jet Limited of Hong Kong Firms Up Order for Four More Bombardier Global 7500 Business Jets – Source: GNW


  • American Airlines will cancel 115 Max flights a day through busy summer travel season – Source: DallasNews
  • Delta Air Lines says goodbye to its entire McDonnell Douglas fleet – Source: Airlinerwatch
  • Spirit Isn’t the Worst Airline in America Anymore – Source: MotelyFool
  • Jet Airways pilots defer strike before crunch creditors meeting – Source: Reuters
  • New Delhi must stop India’s aviation sector crashing – or face election turbulence – Source: SCMP


  • Airport boss raises Brexit and tax concern – Source: BBC


  • India tests Nirbhay 1,000-km range ruise missile from east coast – Source: LiveFist
  • Crashed Japanese F-35 wreckage found in Pacific, pilot still missing – Source: Reuters
  • U.S. Air Force awards contract to Boeing for integrating new LRSO cruise missile on B-52H bomber  – Source: DefenceBlog

Social Media of the Day

  • Summit Air Let L-410UVP-E20 Turbolet crashed into two AS350 helicopters during a takeoff attempt at Tenzing–Hillary Airport, Nepal – Source: Twitter
  • Showing off our new paint job to the public for the first time!  – Twitter

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