Commercial Aviation

  • Spirit AeroSystems to maintain current 737 rate amid Boeing cut – Source: BizJournals
  • Sukhoi’s response to the Adria Airways – Source: Sukhoi
  • A complete breakdown of where the undelivered 73 7MAX’s are stored – Source: MAXblog
  • Boeing cuts production to 42 737s monthly and forms safety panel – Source: FlightGlobal

Business Aviation

  • Flying car firm Terrafugia’s founders leave amid sweeping changes – Source: FlightGlobal
  • Business Aviation 2030  – Source: AeroSociety


  • An Eye-Opening Interview with the President of Delta Air Lines – Source: INC
  • What happened on ET302? – Source: SatComGuru
  • Ethiopian 302 – Even Without Answers, The Data Tells a Story – Source: VisualApproach


  • Air traffic chief warns of worsening European flight delays – Source: FT
  • TVs in US airports censored a report about the 737 Max investigation and replaced it with a viral cake video- Source: BusinessInsider


  • Civilian passenger accidentally ejected from fighter jet during ride-along – Source: BGR

Social Media of the Day

  • Slow-mo of an Antonov AN-225 taking off! – Source: Twitter
  • Free drinks courtesy of Michael O Leary – Source: Twitter
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