• How is the US threatening to punish Europe over Airbus? – Source: EuroNews
  • How can Boeing regain trust? – Source: BBC
  • China Aircraft Leasing says no change to MAX order – Source: Reuters
  • Boeing’s 737 Max: 1960s Design, 1990s Computing Power and Paper Manuals – Source: NYT


  • Gulfstream G650ER Shatters Speed Record For Farthest Business Jet Flight In History – Source: PRNewswire
  • Aircraft Unveils PT6A-34 Powered Series II Kodiak – Source: Covington


  • United adds A321XLR as possible 757 replacement – Source: FlightGlobal
  • Airlines Firms A330-800neo Order – Source: Airways
  • Six airlines are interested in buying Jet Airways – Source: BusinessInsider

  • This new $12 billion airport will be the biggest in the world– Source: CNBC


  • Indian Radar Data That Supposedly Proves They Downed An F-16 Is Far From “Irrefutable” – Source: TheDrive
  • Rafael develops nano surveillance satellites – Source: Globes

Social Media of the Day

  • Shocking: Some Report For Duty So Drunk They Can’t Fly Airplane – Source: OutlookIndia
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