Commercial Aviation

  • Clean Sky’s Hybrid Laminar Flow Control Demo – Source: CleanSky

  •  Why the Airbus-Boeing duopoly dominate 99% of the large plane market Source: CNBC

Business Aviation

  • TBM’s customer support expands   – Source: 50Shades
  • JAL announced The Establishment of a Business Jet Service – Source: 50Shades


  •  El Al focuses on premium economy Source: Flight Global
  •  Qantas customers request exercise bikes, virtual reality for 20-hour flights – Source: Reuters
  • IAG loses interest in Norwegian takeover, sells remaining shares – Source: IFN
  • Ex-United President Is Selected as CEO to Lead Indigo Source: Skift


  •  Emirates Rumoured To Be Launching Fifth Freedom Route From Hamburg To New York– Source: SimpleFlying


  •  China likely to export its J-10C fighter jets to Bangladesh and Laos  – Source: AirRecognition

Post of the Day

  • Russian bomber cracks from heavy landing – Source: DailyMail
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