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November 29, 2023
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Commercial Aviation

  • Post Lion Air 737 MAX crash, Boeing told U.S. pilots it could have a software fix ready in about 6 weeks. Now, 24 weeks later, Boeing says its software fix is ready
    –  Source: Seattle Times
  • Boeing Statement on 737 MAX Certification and Return to Service – Source: Boeing
  • Airbus warned that Sino-American trade war will harm aircraft manufacturing industry worldwide – Source: Wings Herald
  • Airbus to look at buying Bombardier Belfast plant – Source: Guardian

Business Aviation

  • Recently the Falcon 8X demonstrated unmatched airport performance, setting a new coast-to-coast speed record, flying from Santa Monica and its remarkably short 3,500 foot runway to Teterboro, New Jersey. – Source: Falcon

  • Piaggio Aerospace has received 39 expressions of interest from potential buyers – Source: Reuters


  • Airlines face scramble to restore 737 MAX flights once regulators approve fix – Source: Reuters

  • GOL Owner Makes Plea Deal and Implicates President of Chamber – Source: RioTimes


  • TWA Hotel opens at JFK Airport – Source: CNN


  • Boeing T-X jet trainer aircraft set to return to the air – Source: Shephard

Social Media of the Day

  • B-2 Stealth Bomber drops a Massive Ordnance Penetrator during a training – Source: Twitter
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