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July 18, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing bosses “unaware” –  Source: FlightGlobal
  • The Boeing side of the airplane certification process, including on the 737 MAX, is a pressure cooker – Source: Seattle Times
  • Boeing says safety review corroborated its findings on a 737 MAX sensor – Source: Reuters
  • Boeing did not tell FAA for more than a year about a problem with a 737 MAX safety alert – Source: Reuters
  • Long before the first 737 MAX crash, Boeing knew a key sensor warning light wasn’t working, but told no one – Source:
    Seattle Times

Business Aviation

  • CityAirbus demonstrator performs tethered first takeoff- Source: Vertical


  • India sees little scope for Jet Airways revival – Source: Reuters
  • Aeroflot SU1492 footage shows the Sukhoi Superjet bounced on initial touchdown followed by an even harder 2nd ground contact during which the undercarriage collapsed and a fire broke out. – Source: JACdec
  • A220 up to trans-Atlantic flights – Source: Airline Ratings
  • BOC Aviation has filed deregistration requests for three more 737-800s that were operated by Jet Airways. – Source: FlightGlobal


  • Local Airport ‘Thriving’ Despite No Commercial Air Service – Source: Post-Journal


  • Airbus considers legal action against Germany over Saudi ban – Source: Reuters

Social Media of the Day

  • 60 Minutes on MAX – Source: YouTube

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