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Commercial Aviation

Business Aviation

  • COVID-19 Brings More Than Opportunities for Bizav: AIN


  • parks half its fleet: SCMP
  • Over 60 El Al pilots-in-training fired due to coronavirus losses: Jpost
  • Hong Kong airlines call for more financial assistance to weather the crisis caused by coronavirus: SCMP
  • $118 For Unlimited Airline Flights In Asia For A Year?: Forbes
  • The Hainan government takes over HNA: SCMP


  • Air-to-air with an Airbus A380: Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • Flying Cars May Be Closer Than We Thought: Inside a New Plan to Make ‘Urban Air Mobility’ Happen – Robb Report
  • Lilium eVTOL prototype damaged in ground fire – eVTOL.com

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