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  • It is too soon to talk about any trends.  Besides the Coronavirus impact doesn’t show up yet.
  • Only two months into the year, 737-800 transactions are already at ~23% of last year’s total.  The MAX8 issues are plaguing fleet and network planners. These numbers are nearly double the A320 numbers, which tells its own story.
  • A320neo transactions are running 2.3 times those of A320ceo.  The switch is in full swing.
  • 787-9 and A350-900 numbers are down and maybe just a slow start?  The dramatic traffic dropoff won’t slow production for a few months as the supply chain deliveries cannot be slowed fast enough.
  • We expect to see bigger slowdowns over the next few months as deliveries are delayed and fleets are parked.  Airlines have way too much capacity given the sharp drop in demand.
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