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Commercial Aviation

  • Airbus to pause the majority of production in Spain until 9 April:  Airbus
  • Tough decisions loom about grounded fleets: FlightGlobal
  • Thai Airways may cut some plane types for good after grounding jets: Reuters
  • An-225 returns to flight after modernization: FlightGlobal


  • Canada has ‘concerns’ about Air Canada- merger: FlightGlobal
  • Uber Pool, but for airplanes: CNBC
  • Qantas says pilots approve pay deal covering Sydney-London flights: Reuters
  • Contact tracing has been a critical part of Asia’s success in containing coronavirus: Forbes
  • John Menzies axes 17,500 jobs amid travel slump: BBC
  • Qatar Airways says it will need state support as cash runs out: Reuters


  • KLM 747 receives water cannon salute in Mexico before final departure to Schiphol: Twitter
  • Qantas’ last ever 747 flight lands in Sydney from Santiago de Chile: Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • Delivery drones: Where are they when we really need them?: TheRegister

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