A Daily Summary of Industry News covering
Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Airlines, Urban Air Mobility, and Social Media

Commercial Aviation

  • Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare to step down:  Reuters
  • Boeing to separate 737 MAX wire bundles before jet’s return to service: Reuters
  • Boeing Stock Plunges As Coronavirus Imperils Quick Ramp Up In 737 MAX Deliveries: Forbes
  • Converting C-5M aircraft into firefighting air tankers: FireAviation

Business Aviation

  • Bombardier replaces Bellemare with former business aircraft chief Martel: FlightGlobal


  • Trump suspends all travel to US from European countries – except the UK: BBC
  • El Al to place 80% of entire workforce on unpaid leave: JPost
  • Airline stocks plunge as U.S. puts Europe in coronavirus quarantine: Reuters


Urban Air Mobility

  • NASA Signs 17 Space Act Agreements for Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge –AviationToday
  • Airbus Vahana Walkaround – eVTOL

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