AirInsight US Airline Index

  • Confirmed the method can also be used to eliminate COVID-19 in airplane flight decks – Twitter
  • Mitsubishi Aircraft to slash 95% of workforce – Nikkei
  • Airbus could leave Boeing behind – Airways
  • Boeing CEO Updates Employees – Boeing

Business Aviation

  • Startup developing hydrogen-powered airplanes raises money from the U.K. government and a group of investors – Bloomberg

  • Cathay Pacific Group anticipates a “significantly higher” loss for the six months ending 31 December – FlightGlobal
  • warned about safety of COVID-19-grounded planes leaving storage – NYP
  • The tiny nation with a rapidly growing airline route map – TPG
  • Airline passenger satisfaction hits record high during pandemic – TheState

Urban Air Mobility

  • SR Cayman to launch world’s first cargo drone facility in Japan – UrbanMobility

  • Another Russian first flightTwitter

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