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July 12, 2024
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AirInsight US Airline Performance Index

Our performance index indicates that the US airlines remain in a plateau after growth over the last couple of months.

Commercial Aviation

  • DLR and MTU Aerospace study fuel cell propulsion system for aviation – DLR
  • Israel Aerospace Reports Record Profits – Globes
  • Boom and Rolls-Royce Explore Propulsion Systems for Overture- ASD News
  • Precision Castparts eliminates 10,000 jobs as aerospace work collapses – Oregonian
  • Zero-emissions airplanes that use ammonia as jet fuel rather than kerosene could take to the skies ‘within years,’ British scientists claim- Daily Mail

Business Aviation

  • Baker, Bolen Join Forces on Opposition to PRD Proposal – AIN
  • MagniX Sees Regional Operators as Electric Aviation Pioneers – AIN
  • Daher Taps Elliott Aviation for HomeSafe Retrofits- AIN


  • Qantas’ Sightseeing Trips  Over Antarctica are Back – Travel & Leisure
  • Delta Air Lines bought an oil refinery.  It didn’t go as planned- New York Times
  • India’s top airline to raise $534mm to combat cash drain – Gulf Times
  • OAG: Capacity dip this week could indicate capacity peak reached – BTN

Urban Air Mobility

  • Hyundai to invest USD1.5 billion in UAM over next 5 years in partnership with Urban-Air Port Ltd – Urban Air Mobility News
  • WISK Appoints Eric Johnson former Boeing Exec, as Senior Vice President of Engineering – TransportUp

Social Media

  • ‘The Martian’ movie’s toilet tuber could happen: NASA – SciFy
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