• The Commercial Aerospace Story ‘Has Collapsed.’ BARRONS
  • Engineers in Arms – GE
  • Add cheap fuel to the list of problems facing aircraft sales – CNBC
  • Another MAX AD – FAA
  • Airbus puts six jets made for AirAsia up for sale as crisis deepens – Reuters


  • Aerion Supersonic  finalized design – AvWeek


  • South Korea state banks to provide up to $1.4 billion liquidity to Asiana Airlines – Reuters
  • One airline is throttling up – Bloomberg
  • AirAsia announces resumption of domestic flights – Aviator
  • Virgin Australia set to recapitalize – Reuters
  • Suspension of Norwegian’s contract with OSM – Reuters
  • At least 87,000 employees — more than a quarter of the Big Three airlines’ workforce — have taken voluntary leaves, early retirement or reduced work hours – Bloomberg


  • A380 – enjoy while it is still operating – Twitter


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