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April 19, 2024
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  • Boeing will reopen its South Carolina Dreamliner plant early next week FlightPost&Courier
  • Comac makes first post-pandemic jet delivery – FlightGlobal
  • Embraer should now look to China – Reuters
  • Boeing says it will need to borrow more money – Reuters
  • Boeing CEO: Air travel won’t return to 2019 level for two to three years – SeattleTimes


  • Aerion to build a manufacturing site in Florida – FlightGlobal


  • Has U.S. Airline Traffic Started To Rebound? – Forbes
  • Estonia makes merger a condition of Nordica capital increase  – FlightGlobal
  • JetBlue will require passengers to wear masks – CNBC
  • Porter Airlines lays off most of its 1,500 employees – CBC
  • “Agreement terminated”, “your services no longer required”, “your last salary may not be paid” – EuroCockpit


  • A319 into Bhutan – Twitter
  • Airbus A380 turns 15 with most on the ground – IFN


  • Personal Helicopter: Utah Non-Profit 3D Prints Parts for ElectraFly – DroneLife
  • XTI Aircraft receives utility patent from Canada for eVTOL plane – Urban Air Mobility News
  • FAA Investigates Drone Flying Over Manhattan to Remind People of Social Distancing – DroneLife
  • DJI Commits 100s of Drones To Increase Support For National Disaster Response Efforts – DJI

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