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April 23, 2024
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  • Why airlines are favouring newer jets over old, despite low oil prices – FlightGlobal
  • France Plans Billions of Euros to Rescue Aerospace Industry – Bloomberg
  • Significant progress in preparation for NASA’s first all-electric X-plane – NASA
  • Airbus’s Global Footprint Becomes a Burden as Sector Shrinks – Bloomberg


  • Bizav Movements into the UK Spike Ahead of Quarantine – AIN


  • Hong Kong government will not get involved after offering Cathay bailout – SCMP
  • Hyundai Development wants to reconsider terms Asiana Airlines buy – Reuters
  • Air NZ dubious about long-haul flights before 2021 – FlightGlobal
  • Delta is suspending service to 12 more destinations in the US, Canada – TPG
  • Alaska Airlines Owes Nearly $600 Million in Credits to Travelers – SKIFT


  • Forest landing – Twitter
  • Unedited clip shows three B52s take-off in just over one minute – Twitter


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