• GKN Aerospace and sign collaboration agreement – GKN
  • Boeing Lifted by Saudi Share Purchase and Rise in Airline Optimism – TheStreet
  • Jetmakers seek to quell fears over cabin air – Reuters
  • Boeing and Antonov – CargoForwarder
  • What to Do With a Huge Cargo When Planes Are Grounded – Bloomberg


  • Piper Aircraft celebrates with Garmin the brand-new certification of the Halo M600SLS featuring Autoland – FlyingMag


  • Qantas says airfares could jump ninefold with social distancing – Bloomberg
  • Michael O’Leary predicts ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for growth after crisis – Independent
  • Delta will add flights to keep planes no more than 60% full as demand rises – Reuters
  • Bubble markets emerge – Bloomberg
  • government OKs plan for court-led restructuring of Thai Airways – Reuters
  • Empty middle seat? Depends on which country you are flying in – Reuters



  • Voom Ceases Operations (Mostly) Due to COVID-19, Airbus Declares Victory – Avionics International
  • China’s EHang sees impacts from COVID-19, but also opportunities – eVTOL
  • Commentary: Looking Back: A Vertical Retrospective of COVID-19 – VFS

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