• How do you break barriers without breaking the sound barrier? – Aerion
  • UAE’s aviation regulator will conduct its own MAX tests – Bloomberg
  • 737 MAX development marred by design, communications flaws – Reuters
  • How Will 100,000 Job Losses By 2022 Affect The Aerospace Industry? – AvWeek
  • Airbus adapts to Covid, cuts jobs – Airbus

General Aviation

  • Embraer delivers first enhanced Phenom 300E – FlightGlobal


  • UAE seeks to verify credentials of Pakistani pilots in its airlines – Reuters
  • European Aviation Safety Agency temporarily bans Pakistan International Airlines – IFN
  • Unlike other countries, India hasn’t supported its airlines – Bloomberg
  • Aeromexico begins voluntary process of Chapter 11 restructuring – Reuters
  • Breeze Airways delays launch to 2021 – TPG
  • Delta Flight Attendant Pay Scheme Legal: California Justices – Bloomberg


  • Aeroflot Secretly Carries Passenger Abroad Under Guise of Cargo – AirlineGeeks


  • The Ban on Commercial Off the Shelf Drones: Progress at the DoD – Dronelife
  • Beta unveils its new eVTOL: the avian-inspired Alia – eVTOL
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