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July 21, 2024
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  • First US commercial flight with a pilot with insulin-treated diabetes – CNN
  • European aviation unites in calls for support for green recovery from COVID-19 – ERA
  • How Will Airbus A220 And Embraer E2 Compete In A Post-COVID-19 Market? – AvWeek

General Aviation

  • Supersonic business jet with range up to 8,000 km – RUaviation


  • Lufthansa’s future is in the hands of a key investor – Bloomberg
  • Virgin Australia bondholders lodge rival proposal – Reuters
  • “Back-to-front boarding can lead to bottlenecks, increasing the risk of transmission” – AvWeek
  • Qatar Airways developing luxury first class suites for the Boeing 777X – ExecTraveller


  • E.U. May Bar American Travelers as It Reopens Borders, Citing Failures on Virus – NYT
  • A bumpy flight? – Twitter
  • Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial – Twitter


  • Gas Stations Start Drone Delivery Services in Korea – UAS VISION
  • DJI Security Issues: Booz Allen Performs Exhaustive Audit – DroneLife

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