General Aviation

  • Delta set to become the first U.S. carrier to impose pre-boarding temperature checks for select flights – ThriftyTraveler
  • BALPA annoyed at UK Govt again – BALPA
  • PriestmanGoode reimagines healthy cabins – RunwayGirl
  • JetBlue: Flyers want empty middle seats, says international coming to LAX – TPG
  • Alitalia Will Operate More To Destinations (really?) – Aviator


  • How the Cold War created the world’s largest airplane – CNN
  • FBI Used Its Most Advanced Spy Plane To Watch Black Lives Matter Protests – BuzzFeed


  • American Made Swift High-Altitude-Long-Endurance UAS Completes Landmark First Flight – Businesswire
  • A Bird James Bond Might Love by Request, a new niche for robotic ornithopters: Surveillance – AOPA Pilot
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