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July 14, 2024
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Norwegian became the first airline to offer live TV on board of European flights. Passengers use free WiFi and can now watch Bloomberg Television and TV2 News on Norway’s fleet of 87 aircraft. The new service was launched this week on a flight from Oslo to Berlin and will be available on flights from the UK to 29 destinations in Europe.

Passengers departing on Norwegian from Gatwick, Edinburgh, Birmingham or Manchester to Europe can watch live TV using their handheld device connected to the free WiFi available on board. Bjorn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian said: “We are very excited to be the first airline in Europe to offer live television on board. The introduction of Bloomberg Television and TV2 News to our passenger opens the door to choices more content and a better overall experience in flight. Offering free Wi-Fi combined with complementary live television, you are setting the stage for a passenger experience like no other in the sky. ”

Norwegian has collaborated with RiksTV, a cable television company and Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE), a worldwide provider of aircraft connectivity systems, operations and multimedia solutions for the travel industry to bring live TV to the its flights. Norwegian is the first airline in the UK and Europe to offer WiFi in flight on its new Boeing 737-800 that services routes to 29 European destinations including Berlin, Rome and Barcelona.

Fabio Gigante

1 thought on “Norwegian Airlines passengers using free WiFi

  1. Technically, this new offering is a feat : streaming live TV by wifi onto onboard PEDs supposes in the first place to solve uplinking live TV to the aircraft from the ground (probably through geostationary satellites ?). In terms of IFE, the offering is somewhat mitigated : PED flatscreens are of limited dimensions, loudspeakers are of limited bandwidth, display technology involves data compression with loss of HD quality.

    The other alternative is seatback-fixed flatscreen AVOD with optional live TV channels. However again, the flatscreens are of limited dimensions. The Nec Plus Ultra for live TV onboard feeder aircraft is KabinKino home cinema sized Video flatscreens (size 44″x25″) conspicuously located at several centrepartitions.This solution allows for use of the flatscreens as Mobilier Urbain (@ J.C.Decaux) whereby the Operator can contract to collect Advertising Fees as if two Blind Passengers were onboard each flight, paying a Y-Class full fare ticket each …

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