Welcome to Morning Call for November 2, 2021, and the Top Aviation News Stories for today.  You can also search our Archives for older news stories by date.  

AirInsight US Airline Index

Commercial Aviation

  • Jazeera Air Still Keen to Order Airbus A321s – Bloomberg
  • Ryanair slams ‘delusionary’ Boeing in 737 jet price row – Reuters
  • Emirates to hold talks with Boeing at Dubai Airshow over 777X delays – Reuters
  • Mixed Fleet Flying (MFF): Worth the Risk? – Travelradar
  • Electric Airplanes Won’t Make Much of a Dent in Air Travel for Decades to Come – IEEE

Business Aviation

  • COP26 hypocrites – DailyMail
  • Heli XP Wraps with Booming Market – AIN


  • American Airlines meltdown –WSJ
  • American Airlines Cancels 12 Percent of Monday’s Flights Amid Crew Shortage – Townhall
  • Ryanair losses sharply narrow as skies reopen – AFP
  • SpiceJet employees strike over salary issue – TheHindu

 Urban Air Mobility

  • Israeli startup unveils electric ‘flying car’ for consumer travel – TimesofIsrael
  • Eve to Start Urban Air Mobility Ecosystem Evaluation Flights in Brazil Next Month – AviationToday

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