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April 18, 2024
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OneAviation, which produces the Eclipse very light jet and is developing the Kestrel single-engine turboprop, has announced significant upgrades to the Eclipse 550.  The new model, code-named Project Canada, represents a significant improvement to the current model.

The new model provides upgraded Pratt & Whitney Canada 615 engines with 1,460 lbs thrust each, a 56 inch extension to the wing, 70 gallons additional fuel, and a significant improvement in performance.  The aircraft will have 13% more wing area than the Eclipse 550.


With 70 gallons of additional fuel, the wing root is extended by 28 inches on each side to accommodate it, and the existing tip tanks are eliminated.  This increases MTOW to 6,800 lbs from the current 6,000 lbs.  The horizontal stabilizer is also lengthened to accommodate the additional weight.

The cockpit will also be upgraded to the Garmin G3000 avionics suite, which offers a touch-screen interface, and will be more familiar to transitioning pilots than the Avio IS&S system on the current Eclipse 550.


Performance is improved, and the aircraft will be certified to 43,000 feet versus 41,000 on the current model.  Maximum cruising speed increases to 385 knots from 375 knots, and hot/high performance and climb rates are substantially increased.  The engines on the new aircraft will be canted five degrees outward to slightly reduce drag near the forward edge of the nacelle, while preserving centerline thrust handling.

The aircraft will require 24% less runway on a sea level ISA+25 degree day, takes 47% less time to climb to FL410 on an ISA+10 degree day, flies 1,400 nm at maximum cruise with NBAA 100 reserves, has a higher operational ceiling of 43,000 feet, cruises at M.65 to 43,000 feet, and allows 475 lbs additional payload for the same distance as the current model.

The new model will be ready in 2018, and Eclipse is offering to deliver today’s model to customers who don’t wish to wait, providing a full refund of the purchase price when the new model is delivered.

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