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April 24, 2024
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Textron Aviation introduced their new single-engine turboprop at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh today.

Cessna Denali

The Cessna Denali is designed to be a game changer in the single-engine turboprop market.  The Denali will have a cruise speed of 285 kts, a full fuel payload of 1,100 lbs, and a range of 1,600nm at high speed cruise with a pilot and 4 passengers.  “The clean-sheet Denali is being designed to outperform its competition in capability, pilot interface, and ownership costs” said Kriya Short, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales for Textron Aviation.

The aircraft will be the first application for the all-new General Electric Advanced Turboprop engine, which features a single-lever control.  This 1,240 shaft horsepower turboprop will be FADEC equipped and mate to a 105-inch diameter composite 5-blade, constant speed propeller from MaCauley.  That propeller is fully feathering with reversible pitch and ice protection.  The engine will have an initial 4,000 hour time between overhaul.

The Denali will utilize the Garmin 3000 touch screen avionics suite and will include weather radar, advanced Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (TAWS) and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) capabilities.

The aircraft interior can seat up to 11 passengers, and features the widest seats in its class in a flat floor cabin, as shown below.  A cargo door measures 53 inches wide by 59 inches high, enabling the aircraft to undertake special missions.


The aircraft will be 48 ft. 9 inches long, 15 ft. 2 in. high, with a wing span of 54 ft. 3 inches.  The cabin is 58 inches high by 63 inches wide, with a length of 16 ft. 9 inches.  The aircraft has a maximum cruising speed of 285 ktas, a maximum range of 1,600nm, a take-off distance of 2,950 ft. and a maximum operating altitude of 31,000 ft.

Additional details on the new aircraft can be found here.

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