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May 29, 2024
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Pilatus announced at EBACE that the order book for the PC-24 jet has re-opened.  The company has delivered 30 aircraft since February of 2018, and plans to deliver 40 aircraft through the remainder of 2019, increasing production to 50 aircraft in 2020.  The order book was closed after the first 80 orders were received shortly after the introduction of the aircraft and is being re-opened to accommodate the substantial customer interest in the aircraft.

Chairman of Pilatus Oscar J. Schwenk, stated: “Demand for the PC-24 is phenomenal. From day one, there has been keen interest from various customer segments all over the world. Feedback from the first 30 PC-24 operators is extremely positive, with special mention for the aircraft’s versatility, its spacious, quiet cabin and the incredible performance of the PC-24. These remarks plus the high degree of attention which the aircraft commands all confirm our chosen PC-24 strategy.”

The PC-24 is best known for its short and rough field capabilities, being certified by the FAA and EASA for use on unpaved runways as well as for steep approaches into difficult airports.  Post-certification efforts to extend operational capabilities to grass and other surfaces are currently underway.

The order book re-opening will cover slots for delivery from late 2020 through 2021, with a base price of $10.9 million.

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