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February 29, 2024
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Watch Plane Red CEO Wade Eyerly describe a plan he is working on. If you live in the north east USA, this idea will have you smiling in no time.  Traveling between the region’s major metro areas is inconvenient at best. At worst it is an awful consumer of time given the distances. Then considering costs, in time as well as dollars, the Plane Red idea sparks.  If successful, Plane Red will be very disruptive – initial interest from target customers only underscores the concept as attractive.

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5 thoughts on “Plane Red – A Disruptive Idea

  1. Given lack of TSA screening, a great time savings in theory, what would prevent someone from bringing a gun on board the aircraft?

    How would no-shows be handled? This could clog up available seats without a penalty involved.

    When talking about flights every half an hour, that would seem to work well during peak morning and evening hours requiring many planes, but that wouldn’t be needed during the middle of the day and the middle of weekends leaving planes idle.

    Maybe flying the planes on weekends east from the major cities during summer to Ocean City, the Jersey Shore, and the Hamptons would help diversify demand. In the winter they could fly west to ski resorts in Vermont, upstate NY, and Pennsylvania. Just thinking of ways to cope with seasonality of demand in the Northeast which could have a negative demand on winter subscriptions.

    I would stop call it an experiment if you want to raise $5 mil. Create a solid business plan and have utter faith in it.

  2. @RB…. It’s like riding on an ordinary city bus you take your chance when you get on. (Ride at your own risk!)

  3. Seriously, you’re worried about someone bringing a gun on board and taking over a Cessna Caravan? At best that airplane could take out someones garage.

    Oh wait, I am talking about the North east here. The biggest Nanny region in the US.

  4. Disruptive? To whom? I don’t think the real airlines are worried about another startup that can only ferry 9 people at a time – not great economies of scale there.

  5. That’s part of the definition of “disruptive.” The major companies don’t see it as a competitor, but it changes the way people do things and eventually grows into a major player. It’s a reference to the book, “The Innovators Dilemma”.

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