On a visit to P&W in Hartford on September 8 2011, we noticed something compared to previous visits.  Everyone has a bounce in their step. This company has its mojo back. The GTF is working as well as, maybe better, than even they expected. The outcome caps a 25 year R&D effort and its impact within the firm is simply momentous.  Talk of scaling the GTF technology to bigger engines is open talk.  The difference in core size from the MRJ engine to CS engine is one inch – and to neo is another half inch. The clever things P&W has accomplished on the core will be detailed in a f0llow up post.

We got to visit the plant where the engines are built and we saw a tear down engine from flight test. It looks new – there are still original machining marks on the parts – even after hammering the engine during tests. The P&W team’s confidence is not hubris – they point to the parts and smile.  There lots of smiles at P&W. The P&W tag line for the GTF is “This changes everything”. They’re not kidding – it does.

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