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With several news reports late last week indicating a further delay in the Mitsubishi Regional Jet program, the company today has formally denied any change in delivery schedule. “No such announcement has been made by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. At present, no decision has been made to change the delivery schedule.”


The company went on to state that they are moving forward with MRJ development to achieve both safety and superior performance as they overcome issues one by one. When issues arise in the development process, they will take appropriate steps. If any decisions are made on issues to be made public, including development schedule, the company will announce them promptly.

This comes on the heels of the first MRJ test aircraft arriving at Moses Lake, Washington later than planned, where the flight test program will be conducted. The company indicated that it will accelerate flight… Continue reading

[UPDATE – MITAC responded to our request for ferry information as follows: “The company policy allows us to give you details after the arrival at Moses Lake.”.  Meanwhile you try to track the aircraft from here. As you can see they turn off the tracking ability soon after takeoff.  Wonder why the secrecy?]

The Mitsubishi MRJ is trying to get to Moses Lake again. Currently the aircraft in Sapporo, the airport code of its location is CTS.  Take a look at the chart to see what the route looks like. Continue reading

After two back to back bungled flights to ferry their test aircraft to the Moses Lake facility, Mitsubishi seems to have started to wring out the issues that plagued their ferry flights.  The test aircraft is flying again.

A test MRJ on a flight from Nagoya to Moses Lake in late August turned back after an system warning shortly after takeoff, indicating an air-conditioning malfunction. The next day it happened again, requiring another return to Nagoya.  The events were embarrassing as US media had been invited to Moses Lake for a visit – hopefully to be surprised to see the aircraft on site.

Faulty sensors are thought to have caused the problem, and have been replaced.  Another attempt to fly across the Pacific at the end of September is being planned.  Flight clearances are needed from Russia, where the aircraft will do a tech stop. Mitsubishi needs to move… Continue reading

Bombardier announced that its 2016 C Series deliver schedule will be delayed, while citing the statistics from the first two aircraft in service with Swiss.  The good news is that the two CS100 aircraft in service with SWISS have collectively flown nearly 400 revenue flights, and accumulated nearly 600 flight hours.   The bad news is that Bombardier stated engine delivery delays will cause delivery reductions from a planned 15 to only 7 aircraft in 2016.  Since the OEMs are paid their final installment on delivery of aircraft, it impacts revenues and cash flow. The company will deliver the third CS100 to SWISS next month and deliver the first CS300 to airBaltic in the fourth quarter.

The supply chain is under stress.  During the UTC media day event prior to the Farnborough airshow,  P&W pointed out their greatest concern was parts supply and the supply chain.  At that time, one official noted that P&W and CFM… Continue reading

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (MITAC) resumed flight tests of the FTA-1 for the MRJ.  During about a 1.5-hour flight test off the Pacific coast, MITAC confirmed upgrades carried out on the aircraft.

MRJ 4th flight Test_4The importance of this event cannot be overstated.  Aircraft program delays are the bane of the industry.  MITAC is under pressure to deliver on its promise.  The program has seen a number of delays and each one keeps new orders on hold.  Every test flight is a source of program confidence.  MITAC’s customers have been quietly supportive.  It is crucial the program hasten through its flight test program without any more disruptions.

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