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February 24, 2024
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1The Sukhoi SSJ has been quietly developing its footprint. Historically, expectations for an aircraft built in Russia center around robust construction but sub-par technology and efficiency; the SSJ is radically different from those expectations.  Primarily, its creator, Sukhoi is a world class builder of fighters. Their aircraft serve not only as frontline equipment for Russia, but  are also found in 26 Air Forces, many of which can afford to buy from western suppliers – such as India, Malaysia and Egypt.  Secondly, Sukhoi is developing Russia’s fifth generation fighter, the PAK FA also in tandem with developing a larger civilian airliner called the MS-21.   Sukhoi is an aerospace firm with the technology and IP to produce aircraft at global standards.

The SSJ is a Sukhoi design that utilizes engines built by Powerjet, a collaboration between France’s SAFRAN and Russia’s Saturn.  As the following image illustrates the SSJ utilizes systems from many of the most respected western aviation suppliers. With modern systems, a modern and efficient engine, and a well-engineered airframe. Superjet is a formidable aircraft.