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April 21, 2024
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Bombardier today at the Paris Air Show announced that the C Series will meet or exceed all of its initial targets at entry into service – including an 11.9% increase in range from 2,950 to 3,300NM for both models.   Fuel burn for the aircraft is coming in below plan, and Bombardier announced an additional 4% improvement by 2018 – with about 40% of that coming from engine improvements and the remaining 60% from additional aerodynamic improvements, including redesigned and larger winglets.

The net of these gains is that the C Series will be approximately 20% more fuel efficient than legacy models, including the AvroRJ, 737-700NG and A319ceo, and about 10% more fuel efficient than re-engined models, including 737-7MAX and A319neo.  The improved fuel efficiency of the aircraft means that several other areas see improvements as well – in particular carbon emissions, which are over 20% better, and NOx emissions, which are 50% better.  Noise levels will be 20db better than existing aircraft – which on a logarithmic scale means 75% lower noise levels.  Bombardier says the C Series is now the quietest jet aircraft flying.