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How is the 787 doing in the market?  The 787 program is key to Boeing’s financial success, and needs additional sales to enable recovery of the $29 billion in development costs over the life of the program.

Boeing has a huge amount of its capital tied up in this program.   A leading analyst estimates that Boeing must recover $36 million per 787 yet to be delivered to offset the $29bn development costs, never mind production costs and profit. That number is no small hurdle.  Consider the 2016 current market value, per Collateral Verifications,  for a 787-8 at $117 million and the 787-9 at $143 million. Take the $36 million off those values (787-8 at under $81 million and 787-9 under $107 million) and Boeing must build a 787 for less than the balance to earn a profit.

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